India's First Experiential Learning organization Certified as per ISO 8001:2000


Spacious commando tents with cots and mattresses with western washroom and a beautiful veranda

Simple but new concept of rooms with attached western toilet bathroom and facilities with cots and mattresses

Luxury cottages at Z-Bac campsite with with a jungle valley view, a private varenda, huge balcony facility to enjoy the view of the nature.

Explore the new phase of conference by coming outside from the boring lectures in the office conference room.


Area of Specialization: -Human Development Behavioral Training Human Resource

Experience: - 15 years

Research: A study on “Attitudes and Perceptions towards In Service Training Programs.”

Motivational skills: Organizational Communication. Understanding the reason why teams fail. Leadership Programs for the Top Level Managers: Work-Life Balance programs; Change and Conflict Management Programs. Business English Programs: Proficiency in Business English Communication including verbal and Written communication; Presentation skills, Report Writing Skills and other related communication programs. Corporate Etiquette and Cross Cultural diversity Appreciation programs. At the organizational level: Performance Appraisals; Performance Management Systems are developed for the organization. Motivational Programs (outbound training programs) for the factory and production staff. Several motivational programs for sales staff, middle managers.
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