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Water Activities:

  • White Water Rafting
    Is a challenging recreational outdoor activity using an inflatable raft to navigate a river. It is the most sought after adventure sport! Be sure not to miss out on this one and book early because everybody wants to go Rafting!
  • Raft Building in Lake:
    This is the only adventure activity which is also a team bonding activity. Teams have to build their own raft using simple raw materials and navigate across a river. It is not as easy as it sounds but it is just as exciting and interesting!
  • Water Zorbing:
    Ever wondered how boring the life of a hamster on a wheel is...Here's your opportunity to get proven wrong. Except you have a big bubble plastic cylinder for a wheel and the entire lake for a cage!
  • Kayaking:
    Enjoy a relaxing session of kayaking over the still calm waters of the lake.
  • Flying Fox:
    If you have been a fan of 007 and the karate master Jakie Chan and if it has been your long lost dream to pull off crazy death defying stunts like them( without actually dying) then flying fox is just what you need to do. Known by other names like Zip Line or valley crossing, Kolad's Flying Fox is different and and one that you have to try!
  • River Crossing:
    Balance yourself on only two ropes and cross a 60 feet plus deep water body. If that does not get your adrenaline pumping then I don't know what will


Land Activities:

  • Artificial Rappelling:
    A descent of a vertical surface, as a cliff or wall, by sliding down a belayed rope that is passed under one thigh and over the opposite shoulder or through a device that provides friction, typically while facing the surface and performing a series of short backward leaps to control the descent.
  • Artificial Commando Rappelling:
    The same concept of descent of rappelling except done face first. The thrill of going face first perpendicular to the descent surface provides an adrenaline rush like one you have never felt before.
  • Wall Climbing:
    Climb a 40 feet artificial wall using your forearm strength and immense self confidence. It is an activity which helps you develop a sense of goal reaching and helps you find your inner strength.
  • Burma Bridge:
    Walk a bridge that consists of a thick rope for walking upon, and two ropes to hold on to. The bridge stretches across a gorge. The bridge is 30 feet off the ground and helps you combat your fear of heights in an absolutely safe environment.
  • Commando Obstacle Course:
    Climb a rope wall, swing a jungle rope, run through tiers and much more…experience a fully simulated commando obstacle course which gives you a taste in the training and making of a soldier.
  • Commando Clue Hunt:
    Alone in the jungle with a map, a compass and some hidden clues. Traverse through the jungle and feel the thrill of finding your way through a dense forest on your own wit!
  • Jungle Trek:
    Enjoy the scenic beauty of nature and immerse yourself in the landscape which looks as if it were right out of a painter’s palette. This jungle trek guarantees you to become completely refreshed in both mind and body.
  • Land Zorbing:
    A sport in which a participant is secured inside an inner capsule in a large, transparent ball which is then rolled along the ground.
  • Rifle Shooting:
    For those of you who always wanted to try a SHOT at firing a rifle. This is a perfect opportunity for you to do just that.
  • Camping out by the lake or river side:
    These special outdoors camps which start after the monsoons is a once in a life  time experience. Pitch your own tent, cook your own food and live by the lake and river…what could be more adventurous than this!
  • Valley Crossing:
    Valley Crossing is traveling across the valley with the help of rope and other equipments. This activity is done by having two definite ends that is connected by a rope. Courage and confidence are required as the fear of heights may emerge in spite of all the safety and the best escorts. Valley crossing leaves you in the state of euphoria for a long time.
  • Expedition
    Discover your own clues and destination, carry your stuffs and cook your own food, stay on a fort, Cross a deep valley of 2000 ft and rappel down 500 ft. When the goin gets tough, the tough gets going.
  • Glass Walk:
    The interesting thing about Glass Walking is that anyone can do it! The hardest part isn’t walking on the glass, it’s a matter of walking through the wall of fear that hangs around you, that inhibits you.
  • Fire Walk:
    It is often used in corporate and team-building seminars and self-help workshops as a confidence-building exercise. Fire walking is frequently held to imply that the feat requires the aid of strong faith, or an individual's ability to focus on "mind over matter".

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