Corporate Training Programs across Pan-India

Our Motto “Realising self potential through Adventure”


Outdoor programmes are predetermined to meet the set objectives and the activities are designed as per the composition of the participants.

Each participant undergoes activities of intense and real experience under the supervision of outdoor experts of the Z-BAC Team, which form the basis of the sharing and the same are powerfully facilitated by OEL trainers using metaphoric transfer technology to derive learning, which can be applied in their personal and professional spheres.
The core element of fun and adventure makes the whole episode an interesting affair to be experienced!


Each participant undergoes the reality and intensity of experience. He/she faces the judicious content of challenges and stress where the inherent element of fun and nature are incorporated. The subsequent review confronts the individual directly with the consequences and interpretation of his/her behavior. This enables one to reach the real factors that underlie an individual’s performance and behavior.

Corporate Training:

The process of unlearning is an interesting methodology for adults to realize the real factors that underlie their performance and behavior. Adventure and outbound activities are very powerful learning tools. Z-Bac’s experiential learning programme uses these tools to make people realize their inherent potential, their strengths and improvement areas and its application in corporate culture for high performance.

As adults bring substantial experience, exposure, education, knowledge, skill sets and assumptions, the experiential process of challenging oneself by undergoing intense and real experiences confronts each individual directly with the interpretation and consequences of one’s behavior and its impact on individual and team performance. The core element of fun and adventure makes the whole episode an interesting affair to be experienced and remains with people for years to come!!!

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