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  • What is outbound experiential learning?
    Outbound or outward bound has its origins in sailing where it stands for the moment the ship leaves its harbour towards the open seas which hold unknown adventures. An outbound programme uses the outdoors as a classroom with the rivers, rocks and trees - in short, Mother Nature as training material.

    Experiential means the person learns and understands various aspects of his/her personality through his/her experience in various activities, mind games and exercises.

    Learning through such personal experience is powerful and remains with people for long years to come.
  • How will experiential learning help me?
    Experiential learning helps individuals discover their potential by undergoing intense experiences and learning from the same. The carefully selected activities and environment enhance the process and then it becomes a journey of self-realization rather than acquisition of information and knowledge. The self-awareness leads to transformation and helps in raising the performance bar.
  • Do I need to be physically fit?
    No, participants with varying physical abilities and fitness levels have successfully completed the training.
  • Will my age be a constraint for attending an Outbound programme?
    Age is not a constraint at all for this programme. Till date our youngest participant has been 65 years old and our oldest has been 3 years old !!
  • How safe is the experiential out bound programme? Is medical facility available at site?
    Safety is the prime priority at ZBAC. Our highly trained instructors make sure all the activities follow strict safety guidelines. Safety briefings precede each activity. And till date we have had a record of 'O' accidents !!

    We have doctors on standby during all the activities and throughout the programme to attend to any emergency that may arise.
  • What do I need to enroll myself on to the training course?
    One has to only have an attitude to learn, to explore and willingness to step out of the comfort zone.
  • Can u give me a guarantee that the training will change the way I function and see things in life?
    Yes, if the need to change is perceived by you, we do guarantee that these experiences will definitely change the way you function or look at life.

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